When is it?

From 6 February at 3 pm to 7 February at 3 pm.

What is Hack for Södertälje?
An online event for you who want to contribute to Södertalje’s development towards a Connected and Interconnected society.
In concrete terms, this means that you participants are divided into teams that will work together for 24 hours to solve the challenges in the competition and then present their contribution to the jury.

What is the theme

The theme for Hack for Södertälje 2021 is 

"The connected and interconnected Society"

The connected and interconnected Society is the society where values and information (data) are tweaked and delivered in different directions in order to support and enable citizens, visitors, entrepreneurs and the municipality. 

The connected and interconnected Society is about society in a larger context, not only Södertälje municipality, other municipalities in Sweden but even of course globally. The opportunities and challenges that Södertälje face in a digital world are of course principally the same for all societies globally. (How do we meet the needs of our citizens and entrepreneurs, how do we create a societal culture of data-driven processes. How do we..)

The connected society is about connecting information, connecting people, connecting data, and ahead by using artificial intelligence into ever more connected spheres. 

The Interconnected society is about taking the data and learnings from the connected society and building on it with sensordata, Open data, AI, Automation, Public WIFI and much more to create an interconnected ecosystem of data and information. Finding and making use of synergies and broadening the meaning of the end user. Everyone (both regular people, organizations and companies, entrepreneurs, the municipality and so on) will be able to understand, use and build on the data. 

The Interconnected society is also of course in a wider perspective about building the foundations that make interconnection globally valuable, viable and trustworthy. The building blocks and frameworks of the Connected and Interconnected Society are based on the technologies of Internet of Things (IoT), Open data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Public WIFI, 5G and other related parameters. These technologies have the potential to give the society entirely new ways of doing things. 

By building ecosystems and realizing the potential of synergies one can create value that is much more than the individual processes. These ecosystems also give the opportunity to create a societal culture of data-driven processes. 

Who can join?

All! We welcome all participants. The more perspectives the better. There is no age limit.

We hope that you who live or work in Södertälje will want to join, but of course you who do not work or live in Södertälje or who have other perspectives to contribute are also welcome.

The connected and interconnected Society is about society in a larger context, not only Södertalje municipality, other municipalities in Sweden but even of course globally. Which means we happily se other municipality’s and organizations engaging in our Hackathon – we can make each other better …..

Development is a common process and this hackathon provides opportunities for new forms of interaction with different skills. Therefore, we also welcome you who, for example, are a supplier to Södertälje municipality or Science Park. You can contribute valuable knowledge and experience.

What do I need to know to join?

No special prior knowledge is required. The important thing is that you want to be involved. Hack for Södertälje is for you who want to develop your skills in problem solving, creativity and innovation and contribute to the Connected and Interconnected society. With that said, since it's about working in groups with sustainable solutions for the future, you are welcome to be a curious team player with an interest in sustainability and digitalisation.

Is it only for hackers or developers?

No. Everyone is welcome and everyone has got good ideas that will take us forward. The more diverse group of participants the better!

I have no team, can I join anyway?

Of course, most people sign up without a team and are then assigned one.