A short interview with Hackathon project manager Mikaela Fog

An introduction to Hack for Södertälje and the Eventornado Hackathon platform by Alexander Maxia

A short introduction to the existing setup of the IoT, open data and AI ecosystem in Södertälje

An introduction to Design Thinking and how to use it as a mindset in the hackathon process

Caroline Andersson, Founder and CEO of Governo AB on their report (in Swedish):

Artificiell intelligens i offentlig sektor
Hur realiserar vi potentialen?

Interview with Andreas Sundberg, Consultant at Adaptit AB, Strategic business developer at the Digitalization unit and a coach at Hack for Södertälje

Interview with Ulrika Sten, Consultant at Adaptit AB, Business developer at the Digitalization unit and responsible for chat at Hack for Södertälje

A short introduction to Open data by the intern Casper at the Digitalization unit in Södertälje